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What's Chilliplum?

ChilliPLUM is a boutique service selling prime Digital Real Estate. Over the last 10 yrs we’ve secured domain names from as little as $10, all the way up to $1,000,000

We have a portfolio of over 500 domain names that we’ve personally invested in

The WWW is the WILD WILD WEST as we like to put it.

Without the impact of a memorable & powerful name in the industry, you’re limiting your growth & market share. To command authority in a crowded marketplace, you NEED a domain name that is agile, memorable, powerful and above all else, unique.

If your customers cannot find you easily, you’re severely limiting the growth of your business & bleeding un-tapped potential.

People are blinded by the marketing fog out there.

In a world with so much clutter, you need to slice through this fog with a name that will stand the test of time and appreciate in value.

Welcome to ChilliPLUM where we provide digital real estate at is finest.

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