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Domain names have become a huge foundation behind the success of countless DotCom businesses around the globe. In fact, get the domain name right and 95% of your marketing is done.

That’s just a fact.

Domain names are the true epitome of what a business stands for in less than 3 seconds flat.

Think about, it;,,, It shows off your what you stand for, what industry you’re aiming to dominate & radiates your personality.

@ ChilliPLUM, we know a thing or two about Domain Names.

Over the course of the last 15 years we’ve understood the unequivocal importance behind choosing a unique, impactful and powerful domain name to accelerate the growth of a business.

We’ve seen it time & time again.

Markets are shifting, consumer spend patterns have changed & marketing methods online are forever changing.

As the saying goes, “what worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow”

To clear the marketing fog out there along with the overwhelm and confusion, you need to FOCUS on a domain name that is easy to remember, ideally short and can be communicated to others with ease.

Truth is, if you want to be recognized as the leader and pioneer in your industry, choose a domain that is difficult to ignore. Ensure it’s a .Com domain - It’s recognized globally and in the long-run, can bring you more customers and revenue over time.

Think about it, a Domain name is the first thing a user types into their browser bar. The first thing that friends share with each other at social gatherings. It’s ingrained in day-today life, so don’t take it for granted.

Those who understand it, reap the rewards.
Those who don’t, pay the price.

Word-of-mouth marketing should never be taken lightly. It’s free & if you leave a good impression, can spread like wildfire.

Next time you’re thinking about your marketing strategy, or your next big idea, think about your Domain name first.

Everything else can follow after.

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