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A digital publishing house & domain real estate veteran

We make the cogs of the WWW spin just a little faster & help businesses every day to make a memorable impact online with a powerful brand. The best part is, we're loving every second of it...

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ChilliPLUM gives you access to some of the most powerful brand names in digital real estate. Our exclusive domian names are income producing and like property, continure to pay dividends on a daily basis. It's time to

TakeTheGlovesOff - You need a brand that packs a StickyPunch.

Digital Real Estate at its finest.

We're a group of tech-entrepreneurs, marketers, publishers, designers and digital real-estate brokers. We recognized the importance of domain over a decade ago and continued to invest strategically. Without a poweful, memborable and unique domain name - your marketing spend will go to waste and your competition will always pose as a threat At ChilliPLUM, we're invested in providing businesses with the digital assets they need to thrive wildly online.

The WWW just got BIGGER.

With more internet users online than ever before & search engines bombarded with requests from around the globe, businesses have an opportunity to not just thrive, but flourish in this crowded digital playground. ChilliPLUM us a boutique service leasing, selling,publishing & brokering prime Digital Real Estate. Over the last 10 yrs we've secured domain names from as little as $10, all the way up to $1,000,000+.

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We love what we do and we're always looking for opportunities. If you own a domain name that is unique and powerful - we want to hear from you. We know how to make revenue sweat from the pores of a prime domain name.

Join ventures, partnerships and any other mutually beneficial opportunities will be considered.

What makes us different?

A company with a passion for publishing rich digital content to an audience that spans globally. Whether it be the latest news, fashion, business trends, discussions and controversial topics shaking up the world – we’ll take you along for the ride with us.

Not only is ChilliPLUM a leader in Digital real estate investments, but we focus on building powerful global brands.

We help consumers find exactly what they’re looking for, by tapping into our network of sites & digital assets.

Delivering cutting-edge products & services from premium Advertisers is our forte.

Our network is responsible for serving millions of requests every single year.

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