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Why do you NEED a premium domain name for your business?


Need a Domain Name? 

It’s true, marketing online is becoming trickier than ever before. But it’s not your fault. You see, as tastes, habits, trends and consumer focus is changing, the marketing efforts that used to work yesterday may not necessarily work for you today.

It’s time to cut through the marketing jargon, confusion, overwhelm and penetrate your audience online in a way that you may not have ever considered before.

How about, a Premium Domain name? 

Sure, it’s expensive, but premium domain names allow you to smash through the clutter out there and resonate with your audience on a deeper and more personal level. Gone are the days of long-winded visit me online to buy the latest greatest items at the cheapest

Instead, singular and more generic terms that sum up what your business does in a second or two is the way to go. Not only does a domain name define your business rapidly, but it can also help you rank higher in the search engines which will equal a significant swing in your favour when it comes to traffic. 

Think of the businesses that resonates with people, on a household level:





You know, like and trust them. They’ve managed to ingrain their brand name in our heads and become topics of conversion in our social circles. 

Single, sharp, to the point and undeniably hard to forget. Your business needs a catalyst far beyond any marketing spend and PPC campaigns online. Consider the fact that your next big idea should be started from the ground up, with a powerful domain name first.

The rest can follow once you have a name, a brand and a purpose that can resonate with your audience quickly. The beauty of the WWW. space is that you’ll be the only person on the planet that has ownership of your domain! 


Let’s give you some tips in creating your next big dotcom empire

Consider the use of a generic search phrase, something your audience is likely to type into a search engine online.

Go for a dot com (.com) extension.

Ensure it’s highly targeted to your purpose

Ensure it defines what you do quickly

It must be short & memorable

It must be a name that can be communicated easily to others.


Why is a Premium domain name important?

Above all else, a Premium domain name gives your business and edge over your competition. It gives you the power of authority in your given space and raises your business on a pedestal.

This inevitably can lead to a significant spike in your revenues over time and not to mention, gives you a digital asset that will appreciate in value!